Self consumption of renewable energy is the future. As renewable generation subsidies decrease around the world and electricity prices increase it becomes more economical to consume the energy you generate yourself.

Fronius BYD Battery


  • Compatible with Fronius Gen 24 Plus Symo or Fronius Gen 24 Plus Primo inverters & Smart Meters
  • Available in HVS or HVM for different charging and discharge options with numerous size options
  • Scaleable batteries – increase the size of your battery storage as needed: up to 19.32kWh without parallel operation, or up to 57.96kWh with parallel operation
  • Discharge & recharge in the event of extended power outages
  • Simultaneous supply of loads and charging
  • High self consumption and self sufficency rates
  • Automatic activation in case of grid power outage
  • Suitable for Single Phase or Three phase homes or businesses
  • Full system monitoring via Fronius Solar.Web smart phone app or online
  • Based on lithium iron phosphate – one of the most reliable storage technologies. The cobalt free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery from BYD guarantees maximum safety, life cycle, and power. The robust chemistry and universal design can work in a wide range of temperatures and areas around the world – including the harsh Aussie climate.
  • True back up and off grid : Off-grid applications and emergency power capability pose no problem for the Battery-Box. The high discharge capacity allows for operation disconnected from the electrical grid. Whether the project supplies power to a remote rural property or it is used as backup for sensitive loads, BYD has the right storage for you.
  • Start small and add capacity at any time during the life of the product.
  • 10 Year product & performance warranty

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