Redback Smart Battery

Founded in 2015, Redback Technologies is a Brisbane based company focusing on the development of solar and battery storage solutions for residential and commercial customers.

In 2021, guided by the principles of affordability, ease of use, minimising power bought from the grid and providing increased energy reliability saw Redback Technologies expand their range of solar batteries to 3 convenient sizes (7.2kWh, 9.6kWh and 14.2kWh) making it the perfect way for customers to optimize their solar system’s performance and efficiency.

Redback Smart Battery


  • 7.2kWh, 9.6kWh or 14.2kWh battery storage
  • AC Coupled technology
  • Compatible with most existing solar systems
  • Backup supply in a power outage (blackout) when the backup circuit is connected and battery energy is available
  • Built for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Easy monitoring through both an app and online portal
  • 10-year warranty

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Redback Smart Battery