SolarEdge Battery

SIntroducing their energy storage solution, the Home Battery 10kW, SolarEdge presents an innovative product for the Australian market. This is a fully-integrated system: by having a single vendor for the inverter and battery, this streamlines warranty and support services and optimises efficiency and safety functions.

With 10kWh of storage capacity and 5kW of sustained output, the SolarEdge Home Battery is an excellent solution for small to medium household consumption. If required, it is possible to stack multiple home batteries for increased capacity.

With a SolarEdge battery, you can backup all of your home in case of a blackout (single phase homes only, three phase homes can backup dedicated circuits only).

Using DC-Coupled technology, there are less power conversions from the solar system to your battery to your home usage, which means that you get more out of your panels production. SolarEdge Home battery and inverter features record breaking 94.5% round-trip efficiency.

By using the same manufacturer for your battery and inverter, the data you receive on your usage, energy production and state of charge is always accurate while also providing a single point of contact for warranty, support, training, and simplified logistics & operations.

SolarEdge Battery


  • Compatible with SolarEdge Genesis and Hub inverters
  • DC Coupled technology
  • Built for indoor and outdoor installation, floor, or wall mount
  • Includes multiple safety features for battery protection
  • Weather Guard feature automatically charges the battery before a storm
  • Can power larger appliances for longer periods of time during an outage
  • Rapid Shutdown, SafeDC and temperature sensors to reduce the risk of the battery overheating
  • Fully integrates with SolarEdge inverters and products.
  • Simple installation, plug and play connection
  • Wireless communication to the inverter
  • Easy remote maintenance
  • Allows homeowners to charge the battery and export energy to the grid, keeping feed-in-tariffs
  • 10-year unlimited cycle warranty.

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