Sonnen Battery Storage

A Sonnen battery is an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your home or business property. When combined with solar panels, your Sonnen battery will allow you to supply yourself with clean energy, leaving you independent and protecting you from energy price rises. When you choose Sonnen, you can expect the highest standards in safety and quality.


  • Elegant, affordable and powerful
  • Compatible with all solar power systems
  • Solar self consumption, back up power and smart monitoring
  • Modular system – add more capacity as required
  • Internal inverter manufactured by Ingeteam
  • Smart battery – self-learning algorithm
  • Designed and made in Germany
  • Easy to retrofit to an existing solar panel system

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Sonnen Flat

SonnenFlat is a World first and will definitely shake-up the Australian market. Choosing sonnenFlat as your electricity distributor effectively caps your electricity expenses at $42 to $62/month depending on consumption. It makes you part of a virtual solar power plant which looking into the future could be the means of selling solar power to people who don’t have solar systems but want reliable, cheaper electricity than the grid will be able to provide. This is already happening in Europe. Even if you don’t go for the sonnenFlat deal, you are purchasing a solar battery that can cycle three times a day. As a household you will be capable of producing a lot of solar generated electricity for your own use or to send to the grid.

How to Join sonnenFlat

To become a part of the sonnenFlat solar power production community you must have one of the following packages. Starting at a 5kW solar system with an 8kWh sonnenbatterie eco:

SONNENFLAT PACKAGES Economy Family Autonomy
Economy Minimum Solar 5.0 7.5 10.0
Family Minimum sonnenBatterie size 8 10 12
Autonomy Monthly membership fee $42 $52 $62
Yearly energy allowance incl.
solar, batterie and grid usage
7,500 10,000 12,500
  • Minimum Solar
  • Minimum sonnenBatterie size
  • Monthly membership fee
  • Yearly energy allowance, batterie and grid usage
  • Economy
  • 5.0
  • 8
  • $42
  • 7,500
  • Family
  • 7.5
  • 10
  • $52
  • 10,000
  • Autonomy
  • 10.0
  • 12
  • $62
  • 12,500
Solar Power Melbourne

The key to your smart energy home.

The sonnenBatterie optimises your household energy consumption by storing excess solar electricity for use later.
Adding a sonnenBatterie to your solar power system enables you to
Maximise the use of your clean solar energy by storing excess solar for use when you need it
Keep the lights on and your solar working during power outages with sonnen’s backup accessory
Lower your electricity bills by reducing the amount of expensive electricity you buy from the grid
Monitor and manage your household energy usage with your intuitive sonnen app
Increase your independence from your electricity supplier
Reduce your impact on the environment for future generations

Solar Power Melbourne

Gain greater energy control.

The sonnenBatterie software allows you to monitor, analyse and control the electricity supply and demand of your household anytime, anywhere.

  • Web portal and app to provide real time production and consumption data to help you monitor your energy usage
  • Integrated energy management software uses weather data and historical energy usage to manage your energy supply
  • Smart plugs automatically use excess solar to run appliances
  • Remote system monitoring and software upgrades to ensure your system is working well – no maintenance required
  • Charge from the grid on cheaper off-peak tariffs – avoid peak rate electricity prices


minimal energy production,
high energy needs.

At sunrise the solar panels Melbourne start to produce energy, though not enough to cover the morning energy needs. The sonnenBatterie will bridge the gap with the stored energy from the previous day.


highest energy production,
low energy needs.

In the daytime the solar panels’ energy generation is at it’s peak. But since nobody is home the energy consumption is very low so that most of the generated energy is stored in the sonnenBatterie.


low energy production,
high energy needs.

The highest daily energy consumption is in the evening when the solar panels produce little or no energy. The sonnenBatterie will cover the energy needs with the energy produced in the daytime.

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