Ensure Your Solar Works with Our Solar Panel Maintenance in Melbourne

Get the necessary solar panel maintenance in Melbourne from our professionals to ensure your source of energy remains reliable going forward. Whether you use solar for small or bigger job, regular maintenance is always a must. Choose Linked Solar for excellence in all things solar.

3KW systems

1-2 people living in a small home

Savings per year
Pay back Period
4 – 6 YEARS
Full install costs from
$3,000 – $5,500

5KW systems

2-4 people living in a medium home

Savings per year
Pay back Period
3 – 5 YEARS
Full install costs from
$4,500 – $8,500

6.6KW systems

4-6 people living in a large home

Savings per year
Pay back Period
3 – 5 YEARS
Full install costs from
$5,000 – $9,000

Linked Solar only provide high quality, efficient products to ensure that we install a system that is suitable for your needs and is built to last. All our solar panels and inverters are approved by the Clean Energy Council according to Australian standards and installed by accredited installers.

With Government Solar Rebates and interest-free finance offers making going solar surprisingly affordable, the time to switch is now.

Our Process for Installing Solar Panels

Before we can install your new solar panels in Doncaster, there are a few steps that we need to follow first. Our process from consultation to installation is simple yet thorough and is designed to ensure that once it is complete, you have a reliable renewable energy solution that gives you independence from your electricity provider. It’s important to us that you understand the installation process, so we’ve outlined the key steps below. To take the first step in your process with Linked Solar, please contact our solar power experts today.


Solar consultation

We consider many factors in our search to find the right products to meet your specific needs.



Christian and his team of engineers will design a solar power system and grid connection for you to review.



Your new solar system is installed and tested by trained technicians to ensure safe operation.


Post installation
service & support

Even after installation, Christian and his team is always ready to help you get the most from your system.

To help you better understand why we are the team you should turn to for solar panel services, we put together a short list for you:

  • All our staff come to you with the necessary qualifications as electricians. We do not outsource our staff which means we know the people who come to you. Providing you with our own staff means more reliable results.
  • We have more than ten years of experience as qualified electricians which means we have been around the block. We have helped numerous clients with jobs, both complicated and straightforward and can easily assist you as well.
  • Our solar maintenance services come competitively priced to ensure you can get the quality you want at the price you can afford to pay. Whether you need us to do an installation or provide routine maintenance, we are the well-priced team for you.

The right solar team will make all the difference not just now, but down the line when your solar panel setup starts paying for itself. You want your solar to last for as long as possible and ensuring you get routine check-ups from a team that understands the ins and outs thereof is the best choice.

Aside from the obvious fact that you save money with solar power, here are a few additional things we think you should know about it:

  • Solar power is good for the environment since it lessens the amount of electricity that we must produce using non-sustainable methods. Reducing your carbon footprint with solar power is a good way to do your part in cultivating a greener household.
  • Solar power results in less electricity loss overall. When electricity travels long distances to reach your home, some of it dissipates in the process. Since your solar panels will be close, there is a minimal loss, resulting in money saved and more efficient electricity.
  • Solar panels have an expected life span of around 25 to 30 years. This number can be even greater when the solar panels are in a working order and looked after by our Ausnet solar inspection services.

Our teams can provide you with reliable solar installations, whether you need 3kW systems, 5kW systems, or even 6.6kW systems. Our services are available to any residential client, and we will always go the extra mile to make your solar experience an excellent one.

Make sure you get your hands on a solar panel setup that keeps providing you with the green energy your home deserves. Call us now and let our qualified electricians install or maintain your solar panel systems today!

Monitor your electricity usage

With the latest in innovative smartphone monitoring technology, it’s now easier than ever to keep an eye on your electricity usage, and the performance of your solar power system. This means you have the ability to control your battery from the palm of your hand.


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