Solar Panel Rebate

The Solar Panel Rebate entitles Victorian households to receive a rebate of $1,400 when a solar PV system is installed. This is on top of the Federal Government Rebate (Small- scale Technology Certificates (STC)) that was already in place. Being able to claim both subsidies will mean that you can save approximately one-third of the overall costs of a solar system.


  • The household has a combined income of less than $180,000 per annum before tax
  • The household does not already have a solar panel system installed
  • You are a home owner-occupier of a home that is valued at under $3,000,000
  • The household already has a system installed they’re not eligible to receive the Victorian Rebate – unless the system was installed prior to 1st November 2009
  • Are you replacing an existing hot water system OR an existing solar hot water system that is at least three years old?
  • Confirm that you haven’t applied for or received a rebate for solar PV under the Solar Homes Package?

Renters Solar Scheme

50,000 rebates on solar panels for renters in Victoria will be launched in 2019. Under the program, renters will make a 25 percent contribution toward the cost of installation through a small levy on rent spread over four years, with the Government and landlord to cover the rest. For example, for a $4,000 solar panel system, the government will cover half ($2000), the landlord will invest $1,000 over time, and the renters will pay a small monthly levy over four years that will total the remaining $1000.

Home Battery Subsidies

Rebates will be available for up to half the value (capped at $4,838) of the installation of a battery storage unit for 10,000 households that already have solar panels installed.
Eligible homeowners will be able to save up to $4,838 on this installation. This will save households with an average 11kWh battery around $650 a year on their electricity bills, in addition to savings they are already making with solar panels.

Eligibility: Victorian residents with a household income of up to $180,000 who live in their own home, valued at up to $3 million are eligible for these rebates.

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